“Since a New Critic would not look at _______what the author is trying to say __________, it is important that we begin with ________Text________.” A new critic would analyze each and every word phrase and sentence in this poem to understand its literal meaning. In doing so they would have to define every word to understand the meaning of the whole. A new critic would be pleased with the fact that i defined every word and provided the literal meanings to them not the meanings that the author may have been referring to. Looking at these words by definition of the new critics really changes my perception of the poem, it throws it all off.

Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea

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2 Responses to “HOVERING”

  1. I must admit that that is one great insight. It absolutely offers a company the opportunity to get in on the ground flooring and actually participate in creating something particular and tailor-made to their needs.

  2. Looks like you got the concept, although the hover only says: “the

    Whatever you put inside the “double quotation marks” will be the thing that appears hovering.

    So, in your case, get rid of the first double quote, and then replace the word “the” with whatever you want to hover.