Manikin trades ring and necklace for spun gold
Manikin trades child for spun gold

King marries daughter
King rejoices
Queen learns true names


Daughter put into room with task
Manikin splits into two
Queens incorrectly guesses names
Manikin returns for promised child


Uses Manikan to spin gold
Uses messenger to find name

Looking at the story like this i believe all the columns are inter-related. What was given “worth” inevitable gave the daughter temporary happiness. The temporary happiness she was awarded could have possibly left her with permanent sadness, but she continued to cheat to gain more happiness. Growth is used in myth magnify the structure of the myth. As the story grows new dimensions are added to its structure but the structure is repeated. The miller gave his daughter to gain temporary happiness or acceptance from the king. Placed in a similar situation his daughter promises the same fate for an unborn child to gain this same acceptance from the very same king. The stories growth was directly affected by the stories structure.

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