The Narrator

-The narrator we believe is an educated man from the East who is traveling and has arrived in the west. Along the way, upon the request of a friend he goes to Angel’s mining camp to ask about the Rev. Leonidas W. Smiley. Instead of finding information on this Leonidas Smiley, he endures a a tall-tale about a man named Jim Smiley who is a chronic gambler and con artist him self.

Jim Smiley

-Jim Smiley is a man that is either addicted to gambling Or maybe he just likes to compete. Either way, he’ll bet on just about anything. He turns out to be very lucky between his asthmatic horse and handicap dog he is able to steal wins on long shot bets. He feeds on peoples underestimations and try’s to deceive you with his indifferent attitude.

Simon Wheeler

– Simon Wheeler is bald and lazy, and seems simple, he may be cleverer than he looks. He may be a drunk and might have a wild imagination but seems like a clever character. He’s certainly very aggressive in getting the narrator to listen to him. He leads our narrator into a story about a man that our narrator had no interest of hearing.

The Stranger

– The stranger is the only person to beat Jim Smiley at his own game. We do not know much about him but we know that he has a few tricks up his own sleeve as well. This is confirmed when he feed Dan’l Webster quail shots.

Dan’l Webster

– Dan’l Webster is the frog that Smiley Trains to jump higher, faster, and farther than any other frog. He beats all the competition until the day that the stranger fills him with quail shots.

Andrew Jackson

– Andrew Jackson was the name of the dog that Jim Smiley had. To anyone but Smiley, it looked like Andrew wasn’t worth much. However, it turned out he always won dog fights. Andrew Jackson always seem to be losing in the beginning but once the bets were high enough he started winning by grabbing unto another dogs hind legs and holding on until they gave up. In a bizarre twist he ended up fighting a dog with no hind legs and lost that dog fight.

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