Richter’s Digital Humanities

October 17th, 2011


How Richter maps literary theory and the way literature is broken down in the eyes of different reader is amazing.

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Digi-Manities Project ( leave comments here)

October 12th, 2011

According to the internet the digital humanities can be referred to as the modern day way to learn……

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Digi-Manities take ll (leave comments here)

October 11th, 2011

This week has been my best experience yet with our “web wednesday” class setting……..

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Wordle Wordle (leave comments here)

October 11th, 2011

my wordle wordle

<a href=" Wordle: Untitled” title=”wordle”>

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Glossary of Terms (leave comments here)

October 11th, 2011


Personification- metaphorically represents an animal or inanimate object as having human attributes–attributes of form, character, feelings, behavior, and so on. Ideas and abstractions can also be personified.

-Frog named Dan’l Webster…..

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Web Wednesday’s

September 25th, 2011

Web Wednesday’s or wireless Wednesdays has proven to be a effective way for students to use web based tools in the attempt to show that students can be educated in more ways than one. Although their are advantages when using web based tools such as twitter and qwriting, there are many disadvantages. Personally i believe that for some students the addition of these tools can be seen as more of an distraction. Sometimes you spend so much time setting up that you do the assignments posted just to do them not to learn from them because you are rushing to catch up. So far the last two web wednesdays have been have been blind test runs for me, but moving forward i can see that once one hundred percent of the class is caught up with the different programs the problems will cease.WWW

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

September 20th, 2011

Drummm Roll Pleaseeeee….. And the Short Story goes to The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County by Mark Twain

Mark Twain

September 20th, 2011

Samuel Clemens better known by his pen name Mark Twain was a very humorous author his novels and short stories usually are able to have the perfect balance between border line comedy and a life lesson. He is remembered the most for his novels The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), and its sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885), which is referred to as “the Great American Novel.”

Hello world!

September 12th, 2011

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